Is Julie Jouets an online store?

Yes, but we deliver everywhere and quickly! For now, this concept allows me to put all my effort into the web site and offer you fast service, but it also allows me to work and have a family: Mom at home rock!

How long will it take for shipping?

If you can see a toy on our site, it is in stock (except personalized products). You can calculate 3 to 4 business days for delivery in Quebec and Ontario. For other provinces, the shipping may be 5-6 working days. In any case, you will receive an e-mail indicating that your packages have been mailed. The only exception is for personalized puzzles and small benches with name: to make the puzzle/stool, it takes 2 weeks + 3 to 4 business days for delivery. 

Julie Jouets is shipping with Canada Post (Expedited Parcel).

Is it safe to buy on Julie Toys?

Of course! The whole site is secure, so that when you enter your personal information, your password or your credit card number, your data is protected. Notice the "https" or padlock that starts each address on the pages of my site, it means that you are on a secure page. 

Why is “Made in Canada” toys expensive?

Many creators make their toys by hand or have to pay labor for the Canadian wage, which is higher than in other countries. Some consumers choose to buy less and choose Canadian toys or for some, it is an eco-friendly choice that will guide their purchases. Julie Jouets also offers toys made in Canada by companies that have a larger volume and offers prices reflecting their volume of production. In any case, Julie Jouets tries to offer a great variety of toys in order to satisfy the tastes of the Canadian who seek a different selection of what the department stores offer. 

I never bought online

If you are like my mom, it is possible that you experience the fear that your computer / cell might explode if you do not click on the right button. Do not worry, if you have difficulty, you can contact me so that I can guide you! :) 

My toy broke during shipping or broke prematurely!

Do not worry, contact Julie Jouets by e-mail at info@juliejouets.ca or by calling 514 928-6012 to get credit or an exchange on your toy. 

I'm looking for a toy but I cannot find it on your website

The inventory is relatively up-to-date (and by relative, you can read in relation with the number of sleeping hours of my youngest kid) BUT, do not hesitate to email me at info@juliejouets.ca or call me at 514 928-6012. 

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